Regular Hamper

Our Regular Hamper Program is designed to assist families facing food insecurity.  The Program also facilitates our donors and sponsors in directing their generosity to those most vulnerable.

In order to qualify for a Regular Hamper, you must book an appointment with us.  Effective June 1, 2023 we will require your last three months bank statements for all accounts along with personal information such as income and basic expenses (which includes government/income supports, rent, mortgage, utilities, childcare, medical), proof of residence, proof of family members and birthdates (Alberta Health Care, Drivers License, Birth Certificate, Passport, Immigration papers). THIS INFORMATION WILL BE STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL BETWEEN YOU AND OUR CLIENT CARE COORDINATOR unless you agree to share the information with other service providers.

At this appointment we will also be asking questions with respect to diversity and inclusion.  You will be asked food specific questions on your food preferences to give us an understanding on which foods are inappropriate for religious, cultural or ethnic reasons as well as give us an understanding on which foods are staples for religious, cultural or ethnic reasons.  YOUR NAME WILL NOT BE USED AND YOU WILL NOT BE IDENTIFIED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Regular Hampers are available to a maximum of 6 times per year with a 30 day interval between hampers.  If you have been previously approved by us and have already provided the above information, a qualification appointment is not necessary and your next appointment will be booked simply through an email request.  IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST REQUEST, PLEASE FILL OUT THE FOLLOWING FORM:

Please list all members of your household including name, birthdate, gender, disabilities and dietary concerns.