Occupational Health & Safety Program

It is important that personnel work in a safe environment, with the necessary tools and training to protect themselves and fellow volunteers.  As an initial request from the Board,  please read the manual available below (must have Adobe PDF it’s free and can be downloaded here).  In 2020 the CRFB will begin to officially rollout the health and safety program however in the meantime should you have any questions or concerns please contact food bank office staff to aid in directing your request to the safety director.

Recently, the Board of the Chestermere Regional Food Bank (CRFB) published the CRFB Health and Safety Manual.  The health and safety of staff and volunteers is to be a priority when it comes to the CRFB.  To facilitate this expectation, the CRFB has released a safety manual that outlines expectations of all volunteers or staff of the food bank.  The manual outlines responsibilities for occupational health and safety (OHS), health and safety systems, hazard assessments, site inspections, incident management, competency and training, emergency response, first aid, violence in the workplace, working alone and resources available to all staff and volunteers.